The “Partners” in the MPC name refers to more than the four Mennonite church agencies that cooperate to support MPC.


History, both past and present, is filled with misunderstanding, prejudice and hatred that has led to insensitivity, intolerance and often open conflict.


MPC is a program of people. The emphasis is not on programs, projects and buildings, but on developing long-term relationships.

Girl with Freckles———By Xie Kai Jun

A current Grade 11 student from EMHS who enjoys charcoal drawing in his spare time. We cherish students’ talents and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

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Cross-cultural semester experience for Chinese university students.

MPC works with Bluffton University to provide a cross-cultural semester experience for Chinese university students.  Bluffton provides opportunity for students to take classes together with American and other international students and to be active in many clubs and activities on campus.  For English major students from Chinese universities, this provides a rich opportunity to study first-hand the language and culture of their major, as well as building confidence and skill. 

Visiting Scholars from Sichuan at EMU

This year's group of visiting scholars who are in Virginia are enjoying their time at Eastern Mennonite University. In addition to auditing courses and doing research on language teaching and linguistics, they have visited a high school, retirement center and other local settings where they have experienced first-hand local culture. Because they are English teachers at universities in Sichuan, the opportunity to spend some time in an English-speaking environment is valuable for their professional development. It is an energizing time for the ten scholars.

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