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Visiting Scholar Program

As an exchange program, MPC is committed to providing opportunities for Chinese university professors to spend one or more semesters at a Mennonite college in North America. Professors are almost always language teachers from the foreign language departments of MPC partner universities in Sichuan. The program benefits both the community and university that hosts the scholars and the scholars and the universities that send them.

  • Since 1981 nearly 300 visiting professors have spent at least one semester at a Mennonite college in North America as exchange scholars.
  • Each year 8 to 10 persons participate in this program; scholars are either English teachers or members of a Foreign Affairs Office.
  • Visiting scholars are selected by MPC’s partner universities, with one or two teachers coming from each school.
  • The current program is for one academic semester, usually in the fall, and the program is hosted by MPC and Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, Virginia.
  • Visiting scholars audit several courses at Eastern Mennonite University. MPC arranges several hours each week for lectures and there are usually weekly field trips that focus on various aspects of American culture.
  • The program is funded by the visiting scholars and their host university in China.
  • The program includes travel to cities and places of cultural significance on the East Coast. Additional travel can sometimes be arranged with the help of MPC.
  • The MPC program remains in contact with visiting scholars after they return to China in order to continue friendship, strengthen cooperation with Foreign Language Departments, and pursue professional improvement in language teaching through joint publications and conferences.

Visiting Delegation Program

MPC has arranged numerous visits to America and Canada for education, social service and church organizations.Tour details are arranged according to the interests of the delegation and can include visits to a variety of institutions, agencies and places of cultural importance.

  • MPC has made arrangements for visits to North America for many different groups. These include delegations of university presidents and administrators, high school principals and teachers, social service organizations, government officials and church-related groups.
  • Arrangements are made specific to the needs of the delegation. In some cases a delegation will want to have MPC host a one week or longer visit. At other times a delegation will only want assistance with one or several days of a longer trip.
  • MPC can arrange general visits to famous American universities, or more specialized visits to Mennonite universities which provide a more thorough introduction to education. Community colleges, high schools, elementary schools, private schools—MPC can connect a group with each of these.
  • MPC can arrange visits to businesses, companies, social service organizations or generally any special wish of a delegation. 
  • Visits to famous sights in large cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. are easily arranged. MPC also arranges visits to cities on the West coast or even national parks. 
  • MPC attempts to provide insight into American life beyond famous buildings and places. All arrangements are made by the MPC office and the hosting is done by MPC staff and friends, not by commercial tour guides or companies. 
  • MPC will arrange specialized itineraries, assist with invitation letters for visas and provide a travel budget that is competitive. 

University Administration Program

MPC assists universities in China with specialized training programs for administrators and staff.Groups spend several weeks in the U.S.,learning about educational practices and administration from American university administrators and staff.


This academic training program provides an opportunity for administration and staff at Chinese universities to learn about American university administration and management. The goal is to introduce new ideas, policies and management theories. While Western methods cannot simply be transferred to Chinese schools, the training program can provide a different perspective and new ideas. 


MPC partner universities in China are invited to send a group (8-18) of administrators and management staff. These persons can be department directors, leaders of divisions or other staff who would benefit from learning about American university management. 


Mennonite Partners in China will connect with a Mennonite university to host the program. MPC will take care of the program details; staff at the Mennonite university will do the training. Mennonite universities are small, but have the basic departments and programs of larger universities. MPC will provide the proper documents and invitation letter needed to apply for the American visa. 


MPC and the host university will arrange a nine-day training program (including free weekend). Each day there will be lectures and information presented from several different departments. Following are topics that can be addressed:  higher education issues; university performance measures and ranking; admissions and enrollment; academic records; academic support services; student housing; student activities and services; monitoring and evaluating teaching performance; faculty development; information systems and security; continuing education and distance learning; libraries; information technology; international education programs; campus planning and facilities management; campus safety and disaster management; financial management; environmental issues; research funding and university development. Topics not listed may be included upon request. The Chinese university will provide one or two competent translators to accompany the group.