SNU:Sichuan Normal University;SIT:Sichuan Institute of Technology(Xihua University);WCMU:West China Medical University;SAU:Sichuan Agricultural University;STC:Sichuan Teachers College;NSMC:North Sichuan Medical College;JTC:Jiangyou Teachers College;SPI:Southwest Petroleum Institute;CTC:Chongqing Teachers College;CUMS:Chongqing University of Medical Sciences;CIAE:Chongqing Institute of Architecture and Engineering;SILICE:Sichuan Institute of Light Industry & Chemical Engineering;LMC:Luzhou Medical College;NEUT:Northeast University of Technology (Northeastern University);ShTC:Shenyang Teachers College;BUST:Beijing University of Science & Technology;LIT:Luoyang Institute of Technology;HAU:Henan Agricultural University;NCIWCHP:North China Institute Water Conservancy & Hydroelectric Power;ZIT:Zhengzhou Institute of Technology;HFTC:Henan Finance and Taxation College;TGTC:Three Gorges Teachers College;XTC:Xinyang Teachers College;XXTC:Xinxiang Teachers College;CCII:Chiang Chen Industrial Institute;ZGC:Zhengzhou Grain College;IWR:Institute of World Religions;CUTCM:Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;LTC:Leshan Teachers College;DTC:Dazhou Teachers College;ATC:Anqing Teachers College;NCC:Nanjing Counseling Center;FNU:Fujian Normal University;SUSE:Sichuan University of Science and Enginnering;CWNU: China West Normal University;Amity: the Amity Foundation;SUAS: Sichuan University of Arts and Science ;MUC: Minzu University of China;

Daryl Johnson

2006-2007  (DTC)

2000-2001  (Home Leave & Lang Study)

2007-2008  (JNC)

2005-2006  (language study; Spring)

1996-1997  (NEU)

1997-1998  (NEU)

2001-2002  (SAU)

2002-2003  (SAU)

1999-2000  (XTC)

1998-1999  (ZIT)