University Study Abroad Programs

Many university students in North America spend several weeks or a semester studying language, culture and history in China. MPC works with several Mennonite schools (Eastern Mennonite University, Bluffton University and Goshen College) to arrange cross-cultural programs for their students. Programs often take place during a May term or during the fall semester. Universities recruit students and provide course accreditation while MPC arranges and assists in hosting the program in China.
    Students spend time studying language, engaging history and culture through lectures and hands-on experiences, and may also participate in service projects or take on individual research projects. A major appeal of the program is the opportunity to live with Chinese families while on campus—for many this is the highlight of the semester and beginning of long-lasting friendships. A significant difference from most semester abroad programs is location—students spend most of their time in smaller cities where there are few foreigners and tourists, ensuring a very authentic cultural experience. Another advantage of MPC hosted programs is the many Chinese colleagues and friends and networks cooperate to provide more than the normal academic program.
    MPC believes that much is learned by traveling and can make arrangements to travel anywhere in the country. Lectures and learning continue during times of travel and the network of colleagues and friends extends to many locations.
    MPC is open to working with college or university programs interested in similar programs. Programs can be customized according to the needs and interests of North American institutions. For more information please contact Myrrl Byler at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..