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Founded in 1917; EMS is located in the heart of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:12. We have certified teachers, many who hold master's degrees and are involved in profession-related associations, leadership and hobbies. We offer Reading and Study Skills (RSS), Individualized Intensive Instruction (III), and tutoring options are offered to students who need academic assistance.eastern

The Christopher Dock community has a rich history to both its campus and the compassionate school teacher for which this school is named after: Christopher Dock, for whom their high school founded in the 1950’s had been named. 

Founded 1889, MCI is private high school in Manitoba, Canada. It is our goal to provide an educational experience that allows students to discover their academic, musical and athletic gifts. MCI is an amazing school that features a residence and an amazing academic program. 

Canada. Rosthern Junior College understands that the education of children is a shared responsibility of the school, the home and the church.