Visiting Delegation Program

MPC has arranged numerous visits to America and Canada for education, social service and church organizations.Tour details are arranged according to the interests of the delegation and can include visits to a variety of institutions, agencies and places of cultural importance.

  • MPC has made arrangements for visits to North America for many different groups. These include delegations of university presidents and administrators, high school principals and teachers, social service organizations, government officials and church-related groups.
  • Arrangements are made specific to the needs of the delegation. In some cases a delegation will want to have MPC host a one week or longer visit. At other times a delegation will only want assistance with one or several days of a longer trip.
  • MPC can arrange general visits to famous American universities, or more specialized visits to Mennonite universities which provide a more thorough introduction to education. Community colleges, high schools, elementary schools, private schools—MPC can connect a group with each of these.
  • MPC can arrange visits to businesses, companies, social service organizations or generally any special wish of a delegation. 
  • Visits to famous sights in large cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. are easily arranged. MPC also arranges visits to cities on the West coast or even national parks. 
  • MPC attempts to provide insight into American life beyond famous buildings and places. All arrangements are made by the MPC office and the hosting is done by MPC staff and friends, not by commercial tour guides or companies. 
  • MPC will arrange specialized itineraries, assist with invitation letters for visas and provide a travel budget that is competitive.